Christian Ellis


As you may have already guessed my name is Christian Ellis, and I am a full stack developer based out of New England.

The world of software development is huge, but after a long journey, I have found my niche. I create full stack web apps because it allows me to bridge both sides of my brain. I get to create beautiful, modern, interactive, and responsive UI's to release my creativity. All alongside setting up a server, "getting down to the wire" to satisfy my logical side as if I'm solving a puzzle. Starting this journey, The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth kick started my entry into software development by following Computer Engineering major. From this, the first language I learned was C. However, I quickly learned that low-level programming wasn't for me, because I couldn't unleash my creativity. So, I changed my major to Software Engineering, and have been developing almost every day since then. Here I primarily learned object oriented programming practices & design patterns for large scale software development. However, it still didn't feel like a natural fit. Then in mid-2015 I started to dabble in the front-end world, with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Never before have I felt so much excitement with programming. After discovering and learning web technologies such as Angular and NodeJS, it "fueled the fire" even more. Developing for the web is more fun than it is work, and I hope I can inspire others to think the same after reading my blog.

an image of a green android logo with the words app inventor inside in white text

In June of 2017 I was presented with the opportunity to give children ages 11-14 their first introduction to programming. This introduction would be a one week long 35 hour “summer app camp”, consisting of creating several mobile applications via MIT App Inventor 2. The end goal was that at the end of the camp the students should know the basics to create their own apps. I was given full discretion to design and teach the course how I felt fit, and was given six weeks to plan all 35 hours.

Teaching kids this age something as technical as app development is tough. However there are several things I learned along the way. And I would love to share it with you!

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